Installation of 450 kv oil-filled cable in tunnel; specially-designed equipment transporter for Hitachi Cables - Hydro-Québec.

Installation of 138 kv dielectric cable, Trios-Rivieres, Québec, for Pirelli Cables - Kruger Pulp and Paper.


Incorporated in 1974, M.V.MARK INC. offers it's customers a level of confidence in our performance capabilities that only years of experience can earn. Senior management averages over 35 years in the industry, while our superintendents and craftsmen are among the most knowledgeable in the field.

Quality is paramount at M.V.MARK INC. All of our field installation and our shop fabrication are implemented to meet or exceed CSA standard Z299.3, and are backed by an extensive array of quality-control procedures, including:

  • High-voltage testing
  • Mandrelling
  • Non-destructive testing
  • High-pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing

At M.V. Mark Inc. we're more than just installation specialists. In fact we offer our customers complete services in all these related areas:

Certified fabrication Facilities:

  • pumping plants for pipe-type systems and low oil pressure systems
  • degassifiers
  • treating equipment and accessories
  • specialized fittings (including insulated couplings
    to rigid Ontario Hydro specifications complete with CRN registration

Maintenance services:

substations, commercial and industrial businesses, high voltage cable systems and
pumping plant systems.
industrial and commercial contracts.

Worldwide training programs - (from Canada to South Korea)

  • Cable testing
  • Fault location
  • Prefab manholes
  • High pressure welding
  • Duct bank construction

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